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tv   Russia at U.N. Security Council Meeting on Venezuela  CSPAN  January 26, 2019 8:10pm-8:26pm EST

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the interim president. on january 23, guaido confirmed himself interim president in cord -- accord answer with venezuela's own constitution. he made this declaration with the full support of the venezuelan people. our nation must stand up and support the person who the venezuelan people have confirmed as their interim president. is our home that free and fair election happen as soon as possible. back in 1961 president kennedy spoke in crackos. he declared "we will be partners for building a better life for our people." america's stance has not changed. and we cannot avoid the suffering or tyranny taking place in this proud nation.
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today we call on all members of the security council to support venezuela's democratic transition and interim president guaido's role in it. thank you. >> thank you, mr. president -- mr. president. dom machineful to mal ma dom rose mary decardiofor her briefing. mr. president, we have no doubt that today's meeting has been called by the mesh delegation with only one pepper -- purpose, to continue destabilizing the ituation in venezuela by imposing our own approaches. is another element the united states to affect
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regime change. we're regretful that the united states is involving the security council. however, since we have met today, we would like to share with you our principal views on what is taking place. leapt us be absolutely honest. the topic of today's meeting is not at all the situation in venezuela, as your organizers are trying to present it. today the way, today council is clearly divided on this issue. today we are examining, unfortunately, the most typical case of what is called threat to international peace and security creed by the athlete of a use of force. the authors of the u.n. charters and by the way, among those authors, one of the main authors were the united states.
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tried to save the world from , included of events this warning in chapter 2.4 but obviously washington hasn't opened that book for quite a long time. such a gross interference by the united states on the internal affairs of another state is nothing new. the united states has not changed and does not intend to change their relationship as latin america as an area of exclusive interest of the united states. a kind of backyard where you can do anything you want. the reincarnation of the so-called monroe doctrine, about which president trump openly spoke during the 73rd general assembly. back in 12 president woodrow wilson spoke about how the united states intend told team the republics of south america to elect good people.
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and well, today that lesson is being visited on venezuela, who dared in recent past to conduct an independent policy that does economic andth the political interests of the warden who watches over the western hemisphere. i'd like to quote the words of another american president, spoken to congress on the eve of the creation of the united nations. he was one of the founding fathers of this organization. he considered this as -- political project -- project and truly believed that its creation made it possible to ensure that humanity would not experience wars and conflicts. i'm talking about franklin delano roosevelt. -- it ought to spell the end of unilateral interference and exclusive alliances that have
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been tried for centuries and have always failed. end of quote. unfortunately, the real policy of united states in the united states scomm in the not just western hemisphere is in stark contrast to those noble and just deals. it's no secret to anyone, washington's attempts to undermine nicaragua. and the internal affairs of the state were confirmed by the decision of the international court in the hague in 1986 as part of the iran contra affair. at the time the yiverts tried to find nick rack wan rebels. the chileans will never forget the role of united states in overthrowing him. an team by the united states to impose their will on other nations is being complemented with another captainer and this
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is just some of what washington has done just in latin america, the nations of africa, asia, middle east, of the pacific region and europe have quite a bit to add to this list. so against in background, the inventing out of anyone air of so-called evidence of interference in the united states elections as well as the accusation a lot of countries in maligned policy appeared not only absurd but practically funny. on the 20th of may of 2018, the venezuelan people once again support nicholas medura as the president by giving him almost 6 % of the vote. washington did everything possible from the start to discredit the vote and cast a shadow on the relekted executive of the country, in particular, there is enough evidence about
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the fact that a number of opposition candidates, the strongest pressure was exert sod that they would withdraw and not compete in the election. ultimately using the pretext, the united states and their allies starting implementing a plan to overthrow the legitimate authorities of the country and as we know from the american press. actively participated prom innocent members of the united states congress. the attempt to overthrow the government was unsuccessful so washington tried to destabilize the situation.
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but the a.o.s. was not able to push that through. there was not enough support in the organization for these plans, which is quite ndicative. today we're witnessing this tide coins side with you the election the legitimate government having failed to defeat maduro, including by physically removing him, as chose be a scenario of maximum confrontation. on the 23rd of january, the president of the national assembly proclaimed himself as the interim president of venezuela. the united states and a number of other countries immediately recognized him. thus confirming that they either abetted or were directly involved in this artificial creation of a parallel overnment.
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which now threatens serious destabilization within the country. national security advisor john bolton made a boll chicago vick stile statement about all venezuela property on the erritory of the united states. we strongly condemn those who are pushing the venezuelan society on the edge of a bloodbath. the united states have painted a picture between a confrontation of the united states and the people of venezuela.
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in spite of everything, the leader of venezuela obviously has broad support among the people and in surveys conducted in 2018 by an organization close to the opposition. the national assembly, the leader of which is currently being positioned in washington as almost a president is not supported by almost 07% of the people of venezuela. once again, about the elections informed. eing the distinguished executive of the united kingdom spoke about stuffed ballot boxes in venezuela, suggesting that the ballot boxes were rigged. there are no ballot boxing in venezuela. it uses a -- system of voting. provisions of the u.n. clearly condemn any interference by independent states.
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further for, american leaders are talking about the possibility of even using force, aying evening is on the table. does that mean the united states is ready to use force? we need to hear a clear answer on whether the united states declares to once again violate the unl charter. secretary of state pompeo claims that only china, cuba, russia and iran are supporting maduro. if the secretary of state would find the tame to -- time to stay in this room a little bit longer, he would hear directly how many states condemn the policy of interference of the internal affirms and regime hange.
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these countries are here to support international law and i think the secretary of state has already had a chance to hear that. possibly in the context of rules-based order, such action of overthrowing rogue regimes are welcomed by them. but international law classifies such actions quite clearly as a violation of the u.n. charter and in particular chapter 2.4. we consider this behavior unacceptable and undermine the principles of the u.n. charter and the basic enormous of international behavioror. and we would also like to address our latin american partners. do you understand that in case -- in case you continue with your actions, tomorrow, instead of venezuela, any other latin american country can find itself
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in its place. the illegality of what's taking place in venezuela is flagrant and leadership of the organization of american states salutes this and following washington, robert stamps' threats against an independent state. resolve vinced that to the venezuela crisis, a number of stretches need to be taken. first of all, all internal interference needs to stop and there needs to be an end to propping up the leaders of the opposition. secondly, all efforts should be inter launch a an -venezuela dialogue and attempts to find a solution through negotiations. a determining role can't and should be played by the members of venezuela. we know that similar initiatives are already being put forward.
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lastly, thirdly, we should refrain from discriminatory economic measures against this country. it's no secret that this current economic crisis was to a large extent provoked by those countries who were the first to cry about the officering -- suffering of the venezuelan people and i would like to correct something that secretary of state pompeo said. we did not block the presidential statement by the united states. we made certain constructive eameds amendments when -- amendments which we were sure were wholeheartedly supported by members of the security council. many of whom have already done that. some of them have already supported that. so the ball now is on the side of the american delegation. it's up to them but we're not sure that this kind of statement is based on carefully weighed assessment to have secretary
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general, which confirms the sovereignty of venezuela and the fact that interference into its internal affairs is unacceptable and its constitution should be respected, something that -- we lieve that it's important to lower the rhetoric and refrain from fellows and under all the circumstances mate ups and important to contribute to having a normal dialogue and negotiation begin in venezuela and for the situation to be stabilized. we were ready to contribute to this effort. and we call everyone to assist. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, mr. president. at least -- at that's -- last we have a chance to


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